Onwards is a branding agency specifically designed for a new generation of purpose-driven founder. Working side-by-side with our partners, we launch, relaunch and invest in brands that we want to see in the world. Brands that challenge conventions, redefine categories and spark positive change.

Brands that push
things forward

We’re committed to working with founders we believe in who are building progressive businesses with a purpose beyond profit. And we’re there at the start of their journey – where the real magic happens.

No ‘B’ Team

Unlike our partners, we’re not aiming to scale. Our small senior team work on everything from the big ideas down to the smallest details, calling on an expert network of specialist collaborators for specific briefs.

Work that we
believe in

We’re intentionally small, which means we choose the projects we take on based on the idea and its potential – for us, it’s never just about the money. We only take on work we want to do, not work we have to do.

What we do

Launch We help founders turn ideas into brands that transform categories

Relaunch We prepare scaling businesses for the next stage of growth

Invest We parter with businesses we believe in in exhange for equity

We can help you

  • Tell your story with clarity
  • Clearly define your purpose
  • Name your venture
  • Design a standout brand identity
  • Give your brand a unique voice
  • Create websites & campaigns
  • Design destinctive assets

Who we've worked with

“The best thing that happened to our business last year”
Mike Gammell, Days
“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Onwards to any founder”
George Pallis, Manual
“An awesome combination of creativity and delivery”
Ian McCaig, Fiit