• Shepper
  • Relaunch

Creating a brand to take care of business

We worked on

  • Strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity

Shepper helps businesses check their physical assets in real time, using their global network of 'Shepherds'. We helped them define their brand, and bring it to life in a way that captured their audience's imagination.

Taking care of business

Just as shepherds take care of their flocks, Shepper takes care of businesses' assets. We defined the Shepper brand around this overarching concept of ‘caring'. Then we used it to create a brand story, tone and identity that brings their proposition to life in an engaging and emotive way – at every stage of their customer journey.

A unique visual tool

Our visual identity is centred around ‘Sheppy’ – a graphic interpretation of all the assets they check, inspired by the assets real-life shepherds protect. This unique visual motif became the hero of our visual system, then we designed a rich brand language around it, all inspired by the world of the shepherd.

B2B with personality

We distilled Shepper’s key characteristics down into two personality traits that set the tone of their verbal identity; ‘On your side’ and ‘On it’. These led us to develop a confident and charming tone of voice that helps them tell their story clearly, but ensures they stand out a mile from their competitors in a traditionally dull sector.

Physical assets, digital brand

Shepper’s brand sits at the intersection of physical and digital worlds so their brand needed to thrive in both contexts. We designed a layered visual experience that means the brand retains its uniqueness even in the most functional spaces - continually referencing the shepherd’s world and landscape through colour, illustration and texture.

"We felt at home after the very first meeting with Onwards. It was a stark contrast to any other agency meeting I’ve ever sat in. No distractions – just four white walls and a bunch of very clever people to help us navigate what we knew would be a challenging task. Shepper has always been a very tough proposition to communicate but with the help of Onwards we were able to build our story and put it at the forefront of our brand in a totally unique and compelling way."

Jan Vanhoutte, Co-Founder, Shepper
3D Visualisations, Jonathan Lindgren