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A new sustainable approach to venture

We worked on

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2150 is a venture fund backing businesses that have potential to create billions in commercial value and lower gigatons of emissions in the process. We created a brand that brings their epic sustainability story to life.

Investing in the 'Urban Stack'

With cities responsible for 75% of global CO2 emissions, transforming how our urban environments operate is the greatest sustainability challenge on the planet. 2150 are focussed squarely on this problem, investing only in businesses that can transform the 'Urban Stack’ for good.

From unicorns to Gigacorns

2150 are pioneering a new sustainable approach to VC. They exist to find and fund future 'Gigacorns' – technology businesses which have the potential to benefit billions of people, create billions in commercial value and lower gigatons of emissions.

Sustainability visionaries

Backed by some of Europe’s most experienced investors, 2150 isn’t a typical impact investment fund or ESG platform. So the branding had a fine balance to strike: clearly emphasise their sustainable mission but position 2150 as visionaries investing in businesses of the future, and the future of cities.

100+ year vision

Leaning on their name, we created a brand that brings 2150’s unique vision to life. Our identity is inspired by a countdown from the year 2150, with a visual timeline device designed to represent their long term thinking and ambition to build 100 year companies that will shape the future of cities.

"Onwards brought our brand to life with inspired creativity, thoughtfulness, and the execution speed of a tech startup, designing a brand and digital experience that communicates our values and helps set 2150 apart in the venture space.”

Jacob Bro, Co-founder, 2150